Wednesday, October 01, 2008

A Story of Faith and Mysterious Ways: the "God Thing"

Shortly after my family and I relocated to another town in Arkansas after my new church appointment, my wife began her search for a new job since her previous employer’s satellite offices in the area had no immediate openings. A position was advertised in the area for an activities coordinator at a local assisted living facility, so my wife applied and was interviewed. Long story short, she did not get that job even though she had been convinced it was a “God thing” which led her to this opening.

Shortly after this, she found another opening which suited her very well in that she would still be dealing with and helping people but on a much grander scale. Praise be to the Lord, she landed this job and has not regretted one moment. She’s working hard to learn new things and settle into the position and is having a great time along the way. The potential that is this new career (not just a “job”) is probably far beyond anything either of us could have imagined. I am especially happy for her because of the potential I know to exist within her. Whether her employer will ever know that her presence is a “God thing” or not is irrelevant; she will take the Lord with her to work each day.

The story does not end here, however. Recently the previous position for which she had applied suddenly became available since the one who had been hired for the job did not work out. The hiring authority left a message on our home voice mail inviting my wife to consider the position again if she were still available. Obviously she is not, but she made the courtesy call to thank this person for remembering her.

The very afternoon after I had heard the message on the voice mail about the position, I returned to my office. Working on Sunday’s sermon, I was interrupted by a lady who happens to be a recipient of our church’s food pantry. She had recently lost her job and was hanging onto her faith by a thread. The world seemed to be closing in around her, and she was wondering if there was ever to be another “God thing” in her life again.

I mentioned to her that I happened to know of this new position at the assisted living facility being open again and suggested that she might at least give them a call and apply for the position. Another long story short, the lady left me a message at the church just to thank me for listening to her and sharing some prayer time. She also thanked me for the job lead which turned into her new career! Talk about a “God thing”!

As a pastor of a church and a preacher of the faith, even I am amazed – sometimes even stunned – at the way the Lord works in and through us when we allow Him the latitude to do so. When we get too busy chasing our own tails and reacting out of a sense of desperation, we can too easily miss the “God thing” and fall into the “world thing”. Other times, however, we get hit right between the eyes because the “God thing” is just too big to miss. It is both gratifying and humbling to know that when the time is right, He can direct as needed when He is allowed in.

Sink or swim? Not when there is the “God thing”!

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