Friday, January 23, 2009

Exporters of Death

President Obama, according to Fox News, is going to sign an executive order today which will provide federal funds to international agencies that provide and promote abortion, effectively overturning President Bush’s ban on such funds being made available to international abortion providers. It is bad enough that the US has this scourge on our national consciousness; do we really have to export such vile practices and “values” to other nations as well?

I had written earlier that Mr. Obama became my president on 20 January 2009 even though I did not support him among the Democrats nor did I vote for him in the general election. His political ideology and relative inexperience were the deciding factors for me, and I make no apology for either. In spite of my objections, however, I was prepared to accept the winner because it is how our system works. I am compelled to respect the wishes of the majority.

Now I am not so sure that I can support this man on any level, and I will try to explain why. Life is fundamental to our very existence as a people and as a nation. Our very Declaration of Independence hails life as the “unalienable” right of each human person. Such a right is infallible and inseparable; it is the core of our being. We are divinely called into life and no man, no government may remove from our being the “unalienable” right to exist not according to our wishes and desires but according to Divine Law which calls us into being. To deny the “unalienable” is to deny our humanity.

Because life is the foundation of existence, anything after this revolves around enhancing not only our own lives but the lives of others, especially those who stand defenseless against a world that seems inclined toward anarchy, the natural tendency seemingly bent toward that most base instinct of “survival of the fittest”. Without protections as they are, we are at the mercy of men and/or governments who may decree that some lives are more or less valuable than others according to arbitrary standards, standards that shift from generation to generation or, in the case of the United States, from Republican president to Democratic president (President Reagan instituted this abortion ban in 1984, and it stood until the time of President Clinton, was re-instated by President Bush and now is about to be removed by President Obama).

It is also a very curious, if alien, act when considering that such a move commits the United States (that’s you and me) to the financial burden of providing these abortions against our religious objections. This comes at a time when the US Treasury is 10 TRILLION dollars empty, the Congress and the President are debating on how to pay bills AND put Americans back to work AND fund Social Security AND provide universal health care and/or insurance … AND … AND …

It is difficult to support a man whose priorities include promoting death as a means of enhancing life. The issue of government involvement in such an endeavor goes far beyond the “choice” argument that supposedly applies to individuals according not to the will of the people but by judicial fiat. We are actually exporting the slaughter of innocents as a product of the United States. King Herod would be so proud to know us.

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