Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Just a Thought

“When he is judged, let him be found guilty, and let his prayer become sin. Let his days be few, and let another take his office.” Psalm 109:7-8

Osama bin Laden, the so-called “face of terror”, was killed recently in a military operation, and in some parts of this country there was chanting and dancing in the street as if evil itself had been overcome. By the prayer of the psalmist, we might hope another will take his place who might not be so bad, who might see the futility of this world-wide fight. However, it will more likely be someone with a mind toward vengeance.

It is a mistake to worship any one man as a “savior” as so many of us have seemingly invested in one, single US president throughout our history, just as it is a mistake to believe only one man could heap so much evil on this world by his own hand. Evil has not been defeated nor can any man “save” us. The evil we face is much more powerful, and there will be many others hoping to continue this one man’s work.

Evil is alive and well and is actually flourishing, but not exclusively by the hand of terrorists.

Evil exists in a hungry child. Evil exists in poverty. Evil exists in the lives of those shut-ins who are utterly alone and without hope. Evil exists in the lives of those falsely accused as well as in the lives of those who suffer persecution for their faith. Evil exists in malicious gossip. Evil takes many forms and can even be found in the midst of Christians who ignore the call of the Holy Lord to “feed My sheep” and “tend My lambs”.

Do not give too much credit to one person to be the cause or the face of all evil, and let no one person stand as the cause or the face of salvation. There is only One who is the source of our hope, the source of our salvation; He alone is the Lord.


JoAnna Hackley said...

Very well stated!

Michael said...

Thank you, JoAnna. I hope you and yours are doing well!

chrisanne said...

Which "one single president in US History are you referring to"? Roosevelt? Truman? Lincoln?

Michael said...

No one in particular, just any who tried to take on a messianic complex as our "only" hope. In my lifetime there have been several primarily because we made them so for our own reasons.