Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Thought

“The Lord has established His throne in heaven, and His kingdom rules over all.”  Psalm 103:19

We can worry about how to make the “state” stronger, or we can work diligently to strengthen the Church.  We’ve exercised our civic duty by voting in the election and perhaps we “won” or we “lost” depending on how we see it, but the Church still stands as called and set apart for the Lord’s work.  I noticed this morning the sun still rose, and the news indicates the Northeast continues to recover from the latest storm while bracing for a new one; to me, indicating our Lord still is seated on His throne and His Church still set apart for His work.

The psalmist expresses confidence in that which is everlasting – the Covenant; to those who “keep His Covenant, and to those who remember His commandments to do them” (Psalm 103:18).  The only mention the “state” receives is toward those who choose to reject the Covenant and choose, instead, “Caesar” as their “god”.

Our Lord will be faithful to those who are faithful to Him.  We always have a choice to make, and this choice is reflected in our daily living.  Saying His Name while ignoring His commandments and neglecting His Church is like trying to “have the cake and eat it, too”.  We cannot have it both ways.

So let the election stand.  Speak positively about our Lord and His Holy Church, and refrain from negative comments about our elected officials (they were never able to save us, so why do we blame them for not saving us?).  Speak of the Covenant that is open to all who will trust in the Holy God and will receive His Son as Lord.  Be mindful that the people of the Covenant are rightfully held to a higher standard, and know that as we faithfully “make disciples … and baptize in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit … and teach them to observe [the Lord’s commandments], [The Lord} is with [us] until the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20).  This is our faith; this is our hope.


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