Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who's running this popsicle stand?

Long ago I began trying to wean myself from politics because I felt being too immersed in politics would affect my preaching and my theology studies (it was beginning to). Politics is real life and there is no getting around it (even in theology) especially in our representative republic, but the headlines of late have become all too compelling to ignore.  It is especially bad when even Mr. Obama's media apologists and congressional Democrats begin calling out the president.  Even MSNBC's Chris Matthews has finally come to acknowledge what many had suspected even before he was elected the first time: Mr. Obama is not equipped for the job. 

A few short years in a state legislature and a few short years in the US Senate (two of those four years having been spent on the road campaigning for the presidency) is not adequate preparation for what must be the most grueling and all-encompassing job on the face of the planet.  Now, according to Chris Matthews, it seems clear Mr. Obama does not even like the job.  Not the real job, anyway.  The speeches?  Yes.  The traveling?  Yes.  The campaigning?  Yes.  Lecturing the nation?  Yes.  The vacations?  Absolutely.  But dealing with the Congress and dealing with the day-to-day executive work?  No.  This president has yet to step up to the plate and claim the job.  He has been much more inclined to travel the country at great expense (ours, not his) and give speeches telling the nation that the Congress is not doing its job.  Well, we already knew this; too many idealists, however, failed to understand that in those moments of finger-pointing, the president was not doing HIS job!  That is, until now.

The nation has a real problem, and Al-Qaida seems to be the very least of what we must be concerned with presently.  The IRS has gone "rogue", but no one seems to know who is responsible.  The Justice Department seems out of control, and the Attorney General appears clueless.  The State Department under former secretary Hillary Clinton as it concerns the ongoing investigation into what went wrong in Benghazi seems more concerned with removing Mrs. Clinton from any fault, responsibility, or accountability (in preparation for 2016, perhaps?).  In the middle of it all, the best this president can do so far is to "fire" someone who was already on his way out (the IRS interim commissioner).  Now it is claimed these few "rogue" agents were acting under orders from higher up.  How high up, exactly, is the source of consternation especially given the conservative political nature of the non-profit groups these "rogue" agents were particularly concerned with.

As it pertains to the alleged cover-up over the Benghazi attack, more than one has suggested "impeachment" may be on the table.  This is not the first time impeachment has been suggested against President Obama, but this may be the first time such measures may finally become warranted.  Let us not forget that an impeachment is not a declaration of guilt; much like a civilian indictment, there must be articles of impeachment with specific charges and a foundation to back up each article.  Innuendo and political posturing will not do.  Then the trial comes at which time these charges must be proved.  So we should not get too fired up and think impeachment will solve the many problems this nation must face not only with Benghazi but also with Treasury and with Justice. 

And let us also not forget that should impeachment happen and should Mr. Obama choose to resign rather than face these charges, we will then have President Biden and perhaps Vice-President Pelosi.  Are we ready for that one??

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, of course, because we cannot concern ourselves with the political fall-out of what may come.  We must be concerned presently with what "is", and what "is" is not merely a few "rogue" and over-zealous IRS agents "off the reservation"; we have an entirely "rogue" federal government that has completely removed itself from its only source of power to govern: the People of the United States.

The President of the United States is ultimately responsible; and if this particular president is incapable of or unwilling to bring this government in check, then impeachment will become the necessary course of action.  Right now it is clear no one is "in charge".  And that is a much bigger problem than many of us truly realize or appreciate.

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