Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Thought for Thanksgiving 2014

“They are thankful for everything because they don’t have anything.”  Sadie “Duck Dynasty” Robertson

Watching “Dancing with the Stars” last night during the finals, each celebrity was asked what they are most grateful for.  The typical answers came expressing what most of us are grateful for: our families.  Sadie, however, expressed her gratitude for the mission trips she has been privileged to be a part of.  The people she serves on these mission trips always remind her how easily we can take those things and persons in our lives for granted, those things and persons always present.  As we should know, we never really know how important these are in our lives until we no longer have them.

Thanksgiving gatherings may involve a prayer of thanks before the meal, but after that we typically eat.  And eat.  And eat.  And … well, you see where this is going.  Maybe there will follow a football game or the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  And then it’s over.  When things settle down and the last of the dishes and pots and pans are cleaned and put away, we may reflect on what a good time we had; but do we stop to give thanks to The Lord?  I mean, really reflect and pray?

However much or little we may have in our lives, each of us has something to be grateful for.  I was duly impressed with the young lady who is blessed beyond measure and has a strong family of faith to lean on, but nevertheless found it within herself quite easily to give thanks for the opportunities she has had to serve the “least of these” who are also members of Christ’s family.

May we never take for granted all that is in our lives, and find it within us to actively worship The Lord with these things and persons in mind.  And may we never forget that we are given much so we may in turn give much more; for it is, as our Lord Jesus said, in giving up our lives for the sake of others by which we will find life.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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