Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seeking the Face of G-d

Psalm 134
Luke 22:39-46

There is nothing so difficult to grasp, nothing so virtually impossible to define on human terms as Divine Will.  Isn't it funny, however, that The Lord’s will seems so keenly in tune with the personal desires of so many?  And isn't it also curious that often what The Lord wills for some is difficult to justify by what is written in the Scriptures for all to know? 

I was taught long ago that seeking The Lord’s will is not an “event”.  That is, we will not find Divine Will as the result of a single prayer.  Like baptism itself, we are always on the cutting edge of a new beginning.  Of this we can be sure.  What we cannot be sure of is where The Lord’s will may take us.

I would also suggest that seeking Divine Will strictly for the sake of personal comfort or happiness may be off the spiritual grid; for our Lord Jesus prayed in such a way that even though He expressed His inmost fears and personal desire to be removed from what was to come, He nevertheless expressed Himself in such a way that The Holy Father’s will would ultimately prevail – because Jesus gave of Himself so completely, so entirely, and without condition.  In this sacrificial way, then, the Eternal God was able to give of Himself so completely!

Until we learn to push aside our denominational differences and pray together as The Body of Christ, until we find and exercise the discipline to stop and put our daily burdens aside and deliberately make quality time to come together and offer our prayers, I fear we may never find The Lord’s will for the WHOLE and HOLY Church.  The Church, much like our individual prayers, is too fragmented to be considered whole.  It should be noted that our brokenness is a source of consternation among believers and a source of ridicule among non-believers.

So let us, like our Lord Jesus did, resolve to face what may come - not according to what we think may work best for us personally or for our individual churches – but what may come when The Lord becomes convinced by our devotion that we can be trusted to know, that we really desire to know what The Lord wills for His people. 

Let us bring our petitions before The Throne of Mercy unafraid of what The Lord may have in store for us; for Divine Will may not be “comfortable” for us, but it will be “comforting”.  The Lord’s will may not “satisfy” a personal craving, but we are assured it will be “fulfilling”.

Before the Eternal God of all creation, then, let us pray that The Lord our God will show us the way.  Let us bless Him as He has surely blessed us.  Amen.

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