Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Thought

“When a person’s ways please the Lord, the Lord makes even that person’s enemies be at peace with him.”  Proverb 16:7

There is an important distinction between Divine Will and that of humans, but it usually falls to the individual to discern that distinction according to what is written in Scripture – and not what we make up for ourselves – IF – we are “people of the Book”.  In that responsibility of discernment, if we are to be honest, doing what is pleasing to ourselves is not always a sign of Divine Will because self-indulgence is inwardly focused only on what pleases us.  It is often busy-ness directed at “storing up treasures” that ultimately rot or rust or that can be taken from us.  When we give of ourselves, however, for the betterment of others, that which is given cannot be taken from us; and the Divine Promise that we will “store up treasure in Heaven” comes to fruition.  Though our “enemies” may scoff at our charitable practices, they can hardly help but to respect the integrity of our acts according to what we believe to be true.

Maybe this is what we are called to look toward.  Our enemies may never “like” us but if we can earn the respect even of those who once tried – and may try again – to harm us, it is not the will of this “enemy” to grant us peace that comes forth but is the Divine Protection that shields us from them.  **IF** we truly trust the Lord.


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