Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Thought

“Salvation belongs to the Lord; Your blessing is upon Your people.”  Psalm 3:8

Psalm 3 is one (of several, actually) directly attributed to King David; this one ascribed to the anguish expressed by David as he was forced to flee due to the rebellion led by his son, Absalom.  Imagine, then, the frustration felt by the warrior king who refused to lift his hand against his beloved son even though his son was seeking to kill him and take his divinely appointed throne!

This is not too far from the frustration many feel today when we are surrounded by forces, known and unknown, that seek to do us harm.  We are compelled to defend ourselves by whatever means available to us, and yet we also know there is a point at which we must surrender to the Lord and His mercy; let the Lord take the reins, and let the Lord decide what must be done.  It would seem by how the psalm is written that David found that place in which he was able to let go of his warrior impulses and let the Lord call the shots; when he recognized that in the end and come what may, the hand of the Lord will deliver him one way or the other.

May we be so faithful as to find our strength in His strength!  May we finally reach that point in which we are able to let go and submit to the true will of the Lord.  May the Lord guide and direct our steps – if we will let Him.


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