Monday, February 25, 2013

A Thought for 25 February 2013

“The beginning of strife is like releasing water; therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts.”  Proverb 17:14

It goes without saying that the political landscape in this country is beyond repair under the current climate, and it is the reality of this proverb which is attested to in the contentiousness that pervades Washington DC and then spills over into the rest of the country.  Politicians take an opportunity at a microphone to make pretensions about taking the high road, but we soon discover it’s just empty words.  This strife is not evident of “water released”; it is testimony of a broken dam which no longer has the capacity to stem the tide.

The wisdom of this proverb is spoken of in human reality when we become more concerned with human will than with Divine Will; when political reality becomes more of a pattern of destruction than a system of responsible governance, and it continues when we allow these irresponsible men and women into our lives.  Sadly, they are the ones who set the tone for this nation rather than the Church.

I will not bother with such fluff as suggesting it does not matter whether one is a Democrat or a Republican because to partisans, it matters  - a lot.  It matters what we choose to hear and what we choose to accept as truth.  It also matters if we believe there is any man or woman who can “save” this nation apart from our Lord.  And they (and we) who live and speak like the devil ARE apart from the Lord – regardless of how many “prayer breakfasts” they or we attend.

Beware of the “ravenous wolves who come dressed as sheep”. 


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