Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Thought

“They will be made holy who observe holy things in holiness, and those who have been taught them will find a defense.  Therefore set your desire on My words; long for them, and you will be instructed.”  Wisdom of Solomon 6:10-11

The whole intent of the Methodist movement from the days of John Wesley was the pursuit of holiness; that is, spiritual perfection not only in our lives but in our social encounters and daily living.  It was always understood, however, that the pursuit of holiness by our own efforts did not mean we would ever achieve holiness by our own means or our own efforts.  We have those means of grace (prayer, fasting, worship, fellowship, the sacraments of the Church, Scripture study) through which we encounter the holy.  It is through these means by which we are shielded from ungodliness and lifted up not by our efforts but by our merciful Lord who blesses those who follow Him faithfully and diligently.

As the season of Lent begins today with Ash Wednesday, let this be for us a new season of commitment to the pursuit of holiness.  Let us lift up one another in worship and in fellowship and in mutual accountability to cast aside the things of this world and reach Higher!  For we will be “made holy” when we pursue holiness; and our children who must be taught holiness will find our Lord’s “defense” as they, too, face an ungodly world.


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