Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stuff happens; A thought

An explosion in Boston during a recreation event.  An explosion in West TX at a work place.  One by design, and the other seeming to be accidental.  Both happened.  Whether by design or by accident, both created casualties; some have been hurt, and others have lost their lives.  In the ashes of such destruction, it is impossible to sort through the rubble of despair without asking “why”. 

The faithful pose this question to the Lord, while others may even seek to blame the Lord in the wake of such destruction.  There is even a theology dominant in many Christian traditions that simply hands over such acts to the Lord because there are no other answers that make sense to us.  And while some may be testifying to the Lord’s might, others translate that theology to a randomly violent God who gets His jollies from such things; a god not worth following, let alone worshipping.

Be careful in using the Lord’s “name in vain”, and be especially careful in “blaming” the Lord when things go bad.  Humans deliberately planted bombs in Boston, and human imperfections may have contributed to the blast in West TX.  Whether the Lord had a hand in either is impossible for humans to discern, but we can know with confidence where our Lord expects us to be in the wake of any disaster: with those who suffer, with those who lost loved ones, with those first on the scene.

Our place is not in random violence, and I am not convinced our Lord “causes” accidents by human neglect in which innocent persons are hurt or killed.  We humans can be as volatile as gases in a fertilizer plant, or we can be as gracious and as merciful as Messiah.  We pick.  Either way, stuff happens and will always happen.  We have the privilege, however, to be there in stuff’s wake to comfort those who suffer.  It is the Cross we are compelled to bear.


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