Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Thought for Thursday 6/27/13

“A friend who is far away is sometimes much nearer than one who is at hand.  Is not the mountain more awe-inspiring and more clearly visible to one passing through the valley than to those who inhabit the mountain?”  Khalil Gibran

When we were finally able to take a vacation to New York City a few years ago, my family and I were awed and overwhelmed with our first glimpse of the Statue of Liberty.  Being able to see it from so far away was a treat itself, but floating by underneath her feet on a boat left me almost entirely speechless.  It was misty raining that day and the water was a little choppy as I recall, so I had this vision of what it must have looked like to those who floated into New York harbor from other lands and were greeted by this larger-than-life image of American idealism for the very first time.  And it blew my mind that residents of NYC could be so cavalier about the Statue (at least those I spoke with), but seeing something everyday makes it easy to make that thing which inspires so many to become virtually invisible.

It happens that way too often with our friends, our children, our parents, our spouses; but it is truly as so often expressed: we never really appreciate what we have until we no longer have it.  This may be attributed to the busy-ness of our lives when we are rushed from point A to point B with only the thought of whatever task is before us; getting to the next meeting, getting to the next activity, getting to work on time, getting home to prepare supper.  So it is that we become so overwhelmed with chores and schedules, we lose our awe for that which we often pass right by without notice.   The Lord and His Church and the Bible sitting on the night stand are no exceptions.

Let us not be so overwhelmed with our day-to-day busy-ness that we become underwhelmed by that which truly gives life and meaning even to those mundane things we so easily take for granted.  Let us renew our commitment to Sabbath and worship.  Let us renew the Friendship which gave real purpose to our very existence so that we stop taking for granted those things and persons in our lives that really do matter, those things and persons which teach us that Life itself is always bigger than we will ever be.



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