Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Thought for Tuesday 8/13/13

“You is kind.  You is smart.  You is important.”  The Help

If you’ve seen this exceptional movie, you may remember this line from one of the ladies who worked to remind her young charges of how special they are especially when they feel neglected or somehow unimportant, how special they will always be.  The trick to the whole thing, however, is that we must often be reminded of how special we are – not because someone tells us (although that always helps!) but because it is how we are created in that glorious and Divine Image!

It often strikes me as odd that we would argue over creationism vs. evolution and overlook what is most important in the entire Creation Story; the advent of humanity!  Think of it.  We worry about who made the planet, the plants, the rocks, the animals (young ones often wonder why the Lord stopped making dinosaurs!), but we only think of humans in terms of creation; hardly ever do we consider the Divine Purpose for which we are all created.

We must work harder to keep our eye on the ball, and remember that which is most important of all.  It doesn’t matter so much “how” we are created, but it matters most profoundly “that” we are created, “fearfully and wonderfully made” with the utmost respect.

You is important to the Lord, to the Church, and to your neighbor.  Let us reconnect with that Divine Reality and begin anew.  Together.



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