Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Thought

“Jesus said to Simon, ‘Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.’”  Luke 5:4

Simon and others had already been out fishing and had caught nothing.  Yet perhaps to prove Jesus wrong, they answered Jesus’ challenge to do it again.  Much to their surprise, they were hauling in so many fish, the “net was breaking” (vs. 6)!  How does this speak to us as Christians, as members of the Body of Christ?

First, we must remember that fishing was Simon’s livelihood.  The well-being of his family depended on his success.  Second, and incidentally, it is something he finds purpose in.  Finally, it is enough for him to believe in to keep doing it.  The local economy depends on the haul of the fishermen.  When they are successful, everything else begins to fall into place.

So it is also with the Church.  The livelihood of the Church depends on the “catch”.  The members of the Church must recognize the purpose for which it exists because even our local economy depends on the Church’s well-being and sense of purpose – the communities we serve need to know we believe in what we do, whether they will admit it or not!  And everything depends on the Church’s obedience to the challenge of the Master!  Depending on our own means, our own ideas, our own toil and effort apart from the Lord means we will come up empty more often than not.  The well-being of the Church depends on the Church’s willingness to trust our Lord to guide us and advise us because it is not our “nets” people get caught up in; it is Christ.

Let us be aware of what our Lord calls us to, and let us learn again to listen to Him.  We have collectively tried every “good idea” under the sun to build the Church up after a 40-year downward spiral; maybe it is time to give our Lord another crack at it.


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