Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boy Scouts and parents: think about this

Let me begin by saying I do not believe all homosexuals are child molesters or that all child molesters are homosexual.  I believe these are two separate issues, and one has little if anything to do with the other.  Having said this, however, opening the Boy Scouts of America to homosexuals has the potential to create problems that I suspect are not being openly considered or discussed for fear of "offending" this group or that crowd.  Yet I find it strangely ironic that while the BSA is considering allowing homosexuals, they are apparently still not open to allow atheists.  The irony is in the idea of "being influenced" vs. "being an influence" for some "greater good" and all that.  The Boy Scout mantra is "duty to God", so what is the defined "duty" if not to serve and glorify God especially to atheists? 

To my knowledge there are no male Girl Scout leaders.  To my knowledge there are no parents (in their rights minds!) who would allow their Girl Scout daughters to go on camping or other overnight trips with adult males for obvious reasons; the safety and well-being of their daughters.  I don't care how "open minded" progressive parents believe themselves to be; I seriously doubt they are willing to subject their own children to such risk.  So if being homosexual is as natural to these as being heterosexual is to those, why would a parent allow a child to go on an overnight camping trip with a homosexual Boy Scout leader if they would not allow their daughter to go on an overnight trip with a heterosexual male? 

I reiterate that I do not believe all homosexuals are child molesters anymore than I believe all adult heterosexual males cannot control their impulses with underage girls.  Yet for the sake of decorum and child safety and common sense, responsible parents do not (or should not) allow their daughters to be with adult male authority figures unsupervised.  Could this not potentially create a problem for the Boy Scouts who do an awful lot of overnight camping?  If the attraction is as natural, it is reasonable to presume the temptations will be just as compelling.

The Boy Scouts may be about to sign their own death warrant; only time will tell once a decision has been finally made.  And if just one irresponsible adult male who happens to be homosexual succumbs to temptation and crosses that line separating appropriate from inappropriate behavior (or is even accused), the coffin will be nailed shut; and the BSA will have no one to blame but themselves all in the name of "tolerance".  

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